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Stories of light & hope for people just like you!


“From Limping To Running”- Thad Winston’ s Story:

“I needed back pain relief so I limped into the Ohio Neck & Back Pain Relief Centers and an hour later I could literally run! Dr. Scot Gray and his team are AMAZING! I honestly don’t know exactly how I twisted up my back, but the muscle spasms and the radiating pain shooting up my back and down my leg made me think that I had done something really serious to my back like a slipped disc or sciatica issues. Dr. Gray assured me they would do whatever they could to help me back on my feet and after he did an evaluation he did some adjustments on me and then attached me to a spinal decompression machine (I had never had that kind of treatment before and I was a little nervous, but Dr. Gray explained the entire process and the medical science behind how the machine would probably help me so I trusted him and man am I glad I did) and the machine went to work and I LITERALLY went to sleep. It was so comforting and and incredibly effective that once I was done I stood up and I could move without back pain and no more muscle spasms. Back pain relief is so incredible that when you’re in that kind of pain it impacts you emotionally to be in pain and when it’s gone it’s like the sun comes out and it’s a great day. Thanks so much Dr. Gray and team. You guys really truly did impact my life!”

“No Surgery For Me!”- Tim Sutton’s Story:

“March 14,2006, the day I thought surgery was going to be my only option, Thank God, I tried Spinal Decompression. This practice is excellent, the doctor and staff have always been friendly, courteous, and very professional. It makes me feel like I’m around family instead of being at a doctors office. The day my back was trying to go out, Dr. Scot made it possible for me to walk out on my own 2 feet, pain free with no meds or shots. That was the 1st for me. Being able to work pain free, put my socks on by myself, walk for as long as I want, help my wife around the house, I just feel like I’ve been given a new lease on life. #1 benefit, Quality of life is much better. Being pain free is truly a God send. Not having to take meds, a definite bonus. Keeping my job, my hours are a min. 10 hours and I can last 18 hours if need be. Before treatments I could only stand 1 to 2 hours before my back would start hurting at work. I now can easily go 12 hours. What a relief to get home and not feel like a broken down man. Being Pain free has given me a better outlook on things. Thanks,”

 “15 Years Younger!”- Gene S.’ s Story:

“As you grow older, you kind of become used to your body changing and you don’ t really know how bad you are until you get an evaluation and get X-rays, then you say holy cow, I didn’ t know I was that bad! Then I start thinking back…10 years ago and how I felt, and then how I felt before I came to The Ohio Neck & Back Pain Relief Centers and I realize there’ s a great difference there. I didn’ t have the mobility in my neck or my lower back that I used to and after being here for 5, 6, 7 weeks…I just feel like I’ m 15 years younger! I just can’ t believe the difference. I used to have to, when I got up in the morning and I went down the steps, I had to go down the steps backwards because of the pain in my back. But, now I can go up and down the steps like I used to. I feel so much better. My mobility in my neck, I have such great range in my neck now…really I feel great. There’ s no doubt about it. I’ d recommend them to anybody. Age-wise, I think it’ s something you need all your life. I feel great and this was one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time.”

“I was a young man when I first visited Dr Gray. I injured my lower back and through many trials and tribulations visiting several different Dr’ s offering multiple treatments I found relief with the Ohio Neck and Back Pain Relief Center. I still have episodes of discomfort and pain on a daily basis but the care, support, and relief I ALWAYS get from the care from my adopted Dr Scott, I am able to live within my means without surgery. I am sincerely greatful for the time, patience, and genuine caring nature I receive from this office. It has meant the world to my personal life as well as allow me the ability to continue working to support my family. A much deserved “Thank You” from a devoted patient!!!  I have not only gotten some pain relief but the added conversation and motivation promoted from Dr Scott really rings true.  I truly enjoy genuine, no nonsense words of encouragement.  I believe in self motivation but having the supportive words coming from an individual outside my home is comforting.

“This is a great place to be if you need help. So many places simply look and treat symptoms and never dig into the real problems that we are having. Dr. Gray is completely the opposite and is well worth your attention if you are looking for someone that will treat you right and that truly wants to help people. Long story short, I was having back and leg pain. Within 5 weeks Dr. Gray had helped me figure out that what I actually had going on was a brain tumor. I was able to get to a neurosurgeon that was blown away that Dr. Gray was able to help us figure that out so quickly. I am currently recovering and am expected to recover better than ever with virtually zero chance of recurrence. I’ m very thankful that Dr. Gray didn’ t just treat my symptoms!”

“They Made Me Walk Again”- Jesse Scroggins’  Story:

“The Ohio Neck & Back Pain Relief Center is super, you can’t beat it! I enjoy coming to see them. They made me walk again without hurting. I’m back in super shape, able to do things I used to do.”

We hope these testimonials have been an encouragement to you, if you are suffering from back pain, neck pain, Sciatica, and the list goes on, please CLICK HERE, we would be happy to help you anyway we can. Actually, we’re pretty good at it!  :)

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