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Support Pillows & Braces

Support Pillows & Braces

We offer the finest of anatomical supports for any needs. Everything from Custom-Fit Orthotics, to Cervical Pillows, to Lumbar Supports, to Knee Braces, to Carpal Tunnel Wrist Splints is available.

Conditions which may require Supports, Pillows, &/or Braces:

● Plantar Fasciitis / Heel Spurs / Ankle or Foot Pain

● Carpal Tunnel

● Tennis or Golfer’s Elbow

● Neck Pain

● Back Pain

● Knee Pain

● … and more.

You will be examined to see if Supports, Pillows &/or Braces are best for you. If the doctor determines you require the use of any kind, you will be properly fitted for use (if necessary) and you will enjoy the proper support your body needs today!

In Short: Proper Supports, Pillows, &/or Braces are crucial to allow for the proper healing of many conditions. At The Ohio Neck & Back Pain Relief Centers, we take every precaution to make certain you get the highest quality care you deserve, and that includes any Supports, Pillows, &/or Braces to allow for proper physiologically healing of YOUR condition.

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The Ohio Neck & Back Pain Relief Center is located across the Mall in Marion, Ohio. We serve patients not only in Marion, but as well as folks in surrounding communites such as Waldo, Bucyrus, Delaware, Cardington, Mt Gilead, Kenton, even Columbus.