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Advertising and promotional experts are cashing in on healthy women’s fears of osteoporosis generated by carefully planned marketing. And it IS working! Bone-sparing drugs raked in $1 billion in 1999 and over $2 billion by 2002—for drugs that are potent, even dangerous, and have minimal (in some cases nonexistent) bone-sparing or anti-fracture evidence to justify their use.

Thanks to the pharmaceutical industry, osteoporosis is now at the height of American awareness. The National Osteoporosis Foundation claims that one in two women will have an osteoporosis-related fracture. They claim the epidemic is spreading to Asia, Africa, and South America—even though these women have the lowest incidence of osteoporosis fractures on Earth.

Osteoporosis is a dreadful disease. Yet fractures from weak bones are rare in healthy women. Nonetheless, the frightening non-statistics trumpeted to women daily are making patients out of healthy women in their 50s and 60s.

The real truth behind the osteoporosis epidemic is tht most women can maintain healthy skeletons if they use a minimum of prescription drugs, eat a healthy diet of whole foods, exercise regularly (including resistance exercises or weight lifting), and consume some supplementation if they are at risk for or actually have osteoporosis.

If most women with a deteriorating skeleton simply followed the osteoporosis protocol (as I outline in my seminar), their condition would be normalized in one to two years. You can get more facts by purchasing the books: Osteoporosis: The Silent Epidemic, and The China Study.

If you know how to heal bones, you know how to heal osteoporosis. And it is not just a matter of taking 2,000 mgs of calcium. Rather, your body must be able to digest, metabolize, and utilize the calcium and other minerals your bones need to stay strong. To accomplish this you need:

  • A good source of dietary calcium and minerals. (I’m not talking about dairy as a source of calcium either) Click Here for information on dairy and osteoporosis.
  • Adequate hormonal function (you may have to evaluate some of the prescription drugs you are taking).
  • Adequate digestion capacity with sufficient stomach acid and enzymes.
  • Adequate ancillary nutrients necessary to deliver calcium and minerals to the bones.
  • Exercise.

If you’re thinking that this will not work for you because you have had a hysterectomy and are on HRT, you’ve been on thyroid medication for years, you take antacids regularly (which can cause osteoporosis), your diet is a mess, you are nutritionally deficient, you’re taking 5 prescription medications and 3 more to counter-act the side effects, and you would rather poke needles in your eyes than exercise, take heart. You can still stop and reverse osteoporosis. Unfortunately it will take more than HRT, medications, and calcium.

Osteoporosis is an epidemic in America for the reasons stated above. If you follow simple guidelines as I will lay out at the Osteoporosis Seminar on Monday, March 10th, you can beat it. And understand fully that osteoporosis is at the root cause of all kinds of other problems, such as arthritis, loose teeth, chronic back pain, chronic joint pain, kidney stones, weak muscles, chronic balance problems, problem with walking and getting around, and on and on. Don’t let the framework of your body break down and crumble. Fix it right.

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