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“My Back is OUT!” – The REAL SECRET to Finally CURING Your Pain

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It’s moving day at your house – and all that picking up and hauling has “thrown your back out.” You know the feeling! That’s certainly how it feels…
Simply getting out of bed can trigger low back pain!
Chiropractors over the years have helped and healed many hurting victims of back pain, but there are different severities of those back infirmities that normal chiropractic care may not address. Today, chiropractic treatment utilizes a whole new arsenal of tools to address those more serious conditions, thanks to comprehensive new research.
Why do I have low back pain?
Low back pain is very common. And it isn’t just a problem of aging! Anyone who has lived with a spine that’s out of alignment can develop chronic lower back pain. Also, the discs in the spine can develop tiny cracks, lose fluid, which decreases flexibility and cushioning. Maybe a pinched nerve has flared off and on. All these are causes of low back pain.
You might have lived with this pain for a LONG time before it started affecting your life. You find your life is limited. You can’t enjoy life like you once did. I know you hate it!
And the other confusing part about back pain, it might not be from your back.
Let’s look at what goes wrong to give you that back pain:
• low-grade muscle spasm
• pelvis torque and tension
• imbalance of hips
• fallen or dropped arches (yes, your foot arches can give you back pain!)
• stiff vertebra joint
• adhesions in leg muscle
• pinched nerve
At our clinic, we’ll do an examination to determine the cause. You need to know exactly what’s causing the pain – so you can get rid of it!
In some cases, we can help with traditional chiropractic or with exercises. If it’s a herniated disc, that’s a different matter. We’ve got a safe, very effective non-surgical treatment called Spinal Decompression that has helped many, many people. This video explains it very well. Just takes a few minutes to watch – and it could finally solve your pain! Watch it now…
“Pain Free! In the last 5 and 1/2 years, I have had surgery on my back, had spinal injections, and had been taking several medications for my pain. I was in so much pain that I did not want to go on living with the pain. After doing Spinal Decompression therapy, I am no longer taking pain pills, I can spend time with my family, and am much more pleasant to be around. I feel like a new man, and I can actually get out of bed every morning without being in pain.”
-Robert Martin Bucyrus, OH.

Subject Line: The SECRET to Getting REAL Back Pain Relief!
Boy, it’s scary how many people think muscle problems are no big deal. Unfortunately, tight, bound-up and spasmed or tight muscles can wear out joints faster than you can say, “Charley Horse!”
That’s why it’s important to examine the spine AT THE SAME TIME as the muscles that control it. It’s also why we’ve had such outrageous success with even the worst backs at The Ohio Neck & Back Pain Relief Centers. Because we deal with BOTH the spine and the muscles at the same time.
We have spine experts (chiropractors) that work closely with muscle experts (therapists) to deliver the absolute best way to help “bad backs”—EVER!!
There’s a MYTH — that MUSCLE RELAXANTS will help your muscles heal! Good grief, NO! Your muscles tighten up for a reason, and muscle relaxants are like turning back the clock on a time-bomb…you know it’s still going to blow up! Keep reading to learn more…