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Marion Integrated Health Center Brings You a New Nurse Practitioner

New Nurse Practitioner

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A New Nurse Practitioner And Facility (Marion Integrated Health Center – located in The Ohio Neck & Back Pain Relief Centers) Is Providing Several New Solutions For Neck & Back Pain In Marion!

5 new treatments will be available at this Integrated Health Center.  It’s particularly useful and important for those with chronic pain, shoulder or knee pain, disc herniations, facet syndrome, fibromyalgia, and degenerative disc disease.

For many Pain Sufferers, choosing the best treatment for their back pain can be a guessing game.  Too often, back pain sufferers find that they end up with disappointing and even debilitating results.  Their attempts to eliminate their pain can also be confusing and frustrating.

To help solve this problem and its costly consequences, the #MarionMade clinic, The Ohio Neck & Back Pain Relief Centers has created the Marion Integrated Health Center to bring you the 10 most advanced pain treatments (ALL NATURAL – No Medications or Surgery).  “The most important factor in eliminating your pain is knowing all of your options,” Dr. Gray, director of The Ohio Neck & Back Pain Relief Centers and Marion Integrated Health Center, says.  “This has to be your starting point.”  “Going to multiple places that only have one or two options can be a wasted effort.”

With this primary concept as a foundation, the new facility and nurse practitioner show neck and back pain sufferers how to solve their problem and live a pain free life again.  They provide an explanation of every technique available, from neurostimulation to physical therapy.  The facility also explains how to select the best option that will create maximum results in eliminating your pain.

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The Ohio Neck & Back Pain Relief Center is located across the Mall in Marion, Ohio. We serve patients not only in Marion, but as well as folks in surrounding communites such as Waldo, Bucyrus, Delaware, Cardington, Mt Gilead, Kenton, even Columbus.