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Better Than ‘E-Stim?’

Electrical Stimulation has been used in chiropractic offices for years…and it is time to move past the ‘old school’ and get into the newest technology that gives you much better results than the original form used most commonly in offices....

The Top 36 Ways to Avoid Back Pain

The Top 36 Ways to Avoid Back Pain Back pain is one of the biggest problems in the United States. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, anywhere from 60-80% of American adults suffer from pain in their lumbar spine. It is also one of the leading...

How to Relieve Sciatica Pain in 60 Seconds

Sciatica pain is no one’s friend. I’m betting you’ve tried a lot of different ways to relieve your sciatica pain, and if you are looking at this they haven’t worked yet. Well below you will find a FREE guide to stretches that can be done in 60...

Stories of light & hope for people just like you!

“From Limping To Running”- Thad Winston’ s Story: “I needed back pain relief so I limped into the Ohio Neck & Back Pain Relief Centers and an hour later I could literally run! Dr. Scot Gray and his team are AMAZING! I honestly don’t know exactly how I twisted up...

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Eliminating Pain with Superior Chiropractic Care

The Ohio Neck & Back Pain Relief Center is located across the Mall in Marion, Ohio. We serve patients not only in Marion, but as well as folks in surrounding communites such as Waldo, Bucyrus, Delaware, Cardington, Mt Gilead, Kenton, even Columbus.