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Spinal Decompression

Click Here to watch the Spinal Decompression machine in action (VIDEO)

Non-surgical spinal decompression therapy is an effective treatment for:

● Herniated or bulging disc(s)

● Degenerative disc disease

● Facet syndrome

● Sciatica

● Post-surgical patients

● Spinal Stenosis

Spinal decompression is FDA cleared and has been clinically proven to be successful with the pain and symptoms associated with herniated discs and/or bulging discs ... even if you have been suffering for 10, 20, or 30+ years... even after failed surgery. The BEST part about it is there are absolutely no documented side effects!

Research indicates the disc is responsible for a significant number of Lumbar (lower back) and Cervical (neck) pain syndromes, particularly with symptoms (pain, numbness, tingling, weakness, spasm, etc.) which radiate into the extremities (buttocks, legs, & feet- from the lumbar spine, and shoulders, arms, & hands- from the cervical spine). Compression of the spinal discs increases intradiscal pressure leading to annular compromise and possible extrusion of nuclear material.

In plain English: When a disc becomes injured &/or degenerated, the outer rings weaken, the disc flattens and then bulges out (toward the spinal cord &/or nerves) becoming the primary cause of pain and other symptoms (numbness, tingling, weakness, spasm...).

Spinal decompression therapy in conjunction with specific treatments (depending on your particular condition) effectively relieves the pain and disability resulting from disc injury and degeneration, by actually repairing the damaged discs and reversing dystrophic changes in nerves (allowing the nerves to heal).

Studies verify the significant reduction of intradiscal pressures into the negative range (to approximately minus 150 mm/HG) which result in the non-surgical decompression of the disc and nerve root. Conventional traction has never demonstrated a reduction of intradiscal pressure to negative ranges; on the contrary - many traction devices actually increased intradiscal pressure, most likely due to reflex muscle spasm. The spinal decompression table is designed to apply distraction tension to the patient's spine without eliciting reflex paravertebral muscle contractions.

By significantly reducing intradiscal pressure, spinal decompression promotes retraction of the herniation into the disc and facilitates influx of oxygen, proline and other substrates. The promotion of fibro elastic activity stimulates repair and inhibits leakage of irritant sulphates and carboxylates from the nucleus. The most recent studies (sought to correlate clinical success with MRI evidence of disc repair in the annulus, nucleus, facet joint and foramina as a result of treatment) found that the disc herniation reduced as high as 90%, with healing of the outer rings (the Annulus Fibrosis) in all cases.

In Short: Spinal Decompression addresses problems with the SPINAL DISCS, relieves your pain, allows you to get back to enjoying your life... FAST & without risky drugs or surgery!

If you are located outside of the Marion-Columbus, OH area, CLICK HERE to locate a doctor in your area who does Spinal Decompression.


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Cold Laser Therapy


Cold Laser Therapy is one of the most amazing advanced medical technologies to surface in the last 20 years. Cold laser Therapy utilizes the light that we see is the visible part of the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation. Just picture a rainbow. The light that is visible to us is a specific range of colors in that spectrum, but not the whole spectrum.

Since 1967, more than 2,000 clinical studies have been published worldwide on Cold Lasers. In fact, the proof of the tremendous healing potential of the Cold Laser FINALLY was put to the test... the outcome was FDA Approval in February of 2002!

Cold Laser was initially used to treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Research boasts over a 70% success rate with Cold Laser treating Carpal Tunnel. Compare this to the "other" alternative (surgery), which has a dismal success rate (~ 33%) and it's plain to see why this BEGAN as the "Carpal Tunnel Treatment".

Tons of research has since show the tremendous healing power of the Cold Laser for many OTHER conditions as well. Such as: Rotator cuff, ankle sprains, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, tennis elbow, golfers elbow, muscle strains, etc.

The Cold Laser is a MAJOR part of the arsenal for many professional sports physicians due to the tremendous healing power. Generally speaking the Cold Laser:

● Relieves acute and chronic pain

● Increases the speed, quality and tensile strength of tissue repair

● Increases blood supply

● Stimulates the immune system

● Stimulates nerve function

● Develops collagen and muscle tissue

● Helps generate new and healthy cells and tissue

● Promotes faster wound healing and clot formation

● Reduces inflammation (swelling)

The BEST thing about Cold Laser (besides it takes away your pain and HEALS the injured tissue), is that it doesn't hurt at all. In fact, most patients report feeling only a slight tingling or warmth... if anything at all!

In Short: The cold laser addresses the SOFT TISSUES (Nerves, tendons, ligaments, muscles, etc.) and it takes away pain & swelling and actually HEALS injured tissue WITHOUT the major potential side effects and poor success rates of risky drugs and surgery!


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Therapeutic Exercises

Therapeutic Exercise is a well respected and accepted treatment option utilized by the medical community for a variety of injuries, such as: Auto accidents, sports injuries, work injures, wear & tear injuries, etc.

Therapeutic Exercise addresses many conditions such as: Low-back pain, neck pain, arthritis, fractures, rotator cuff injuries, carpal tunnel, strains & sprains, whiplash, etc.

Therapeutic Exercise addresses the above injuries and conditions by having a licensed Chiropractor perform a thorough evaluation of the patient's ROM (range of motion), strength, muscle performance, posture, functional ability (work, home...), coordination, balance, etc. The Chiropractor will then construct a specific treatment plan to address these areas of deficit.

Therapeutic Exercise utilizes modalities such as cold laser, cryotherapy (ice), moist heat, electrical muscle stimulation, TENS (Transcutaneous Muscle Stimulation), and topical analgesics (to name a few). Chiropractors also may utilize soft tissue mobilization, posture training, ergonomics training, and biomechanics training, but the CORE of Therapeutic Exercise is clearly based around EXERCISE.

The goal of Therapeutic Exercise is to help the individual restore, maintain, and promote overall fitness and health, and regain full function in the community or workplace.

In Short: Therapeutic Exercise primarily addresses the MUSCLES and the individual's general FUNCTION.


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Chiropractic Care

According to Lance Armstrong in his book Every Second Counts: "The team wasn't just the riders. It was the mechanic, masseurs, chefs, soigneurs, and doctors. But the most important man on the team may have been our chiropractor... If you judged the most important man in the Postal team by the foot traffic in and out of the his door, then it was [the chiropractor]. Without him, we knew we'd never make it to Paris."

Chiropractic is a natural method of health care that treats the causes of physical problems rather than just the symptoms. Chiropractic is based on a simple but powerful premise: With a healthy lifestyle and normally functioning nerves and spine, your body is better able to heal itself. That's because the spinal cord, which is protected by the spine, is the main pathway of your nervous system. It controls movement, feeling, and function throughout your body.

Scientific research is showing what millions of chiropractic patients already know:

● Spinal manipulation is more effective than other treatments for low back pain.

● Chiropractic adjustments take less time and the benefits last longer.

● Chiropractic adjustments are safe, even for children and the elderly

● Chiropractic care costs less and results in fewer lost workdays.

In Short: Chiropractic addresses the SPINAL JOINTS and promotes proper spinal mobility and therefore proper neurological flow from the brain to every cell in the body. Chiropractic is not only very successful with eliminating neck & back pain, it also helps the individual be healthier overall.


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Custom Fit Orthotics

Foot Orthotics are primarily made for 2 reasons:

● There are bunions, plantar warts, or gross foot malformations.

● Biomechanical Alteration (causing foot/ankle, knee, hip, & back pain).

If you are seeking orthotics because of problem bunions or plantar warts, you need to see a podiatrist. They are the best doctors to fit you for those.

If you are seeking orthotics because of problem Biomechanical Alterations, relax (&/or rejoice), you have found the right place.

Orthotics are necessary when the arch of the foot pronates (drops, falls, flattens...), and the mechanics of the foot rotates the lower leg, and the upper leg. The pelvis is also torqued and one side "drops" (see picture). This can cause serious mechanical stress throughout the joints of the lower extremities, the pelvic and the spine (even up to the neck!).

The Goal of custom orthotics are to provide a proper foundation for your feet and help stabilize your ENTIRE body.

Don't just go to ANYONE who offers orthotics! Orthotics have evolved over the years. To this point, there were basically three generations of orthotics:

1. Plaster of paris orthotics- These were made while the patient is sitting or lying down (non-weight bearing) and a cast or mold was made of the foot in the non-weight bearing position. This cast is sent off and several weeks later the orthotics arrive to the doctor's office for the patient to "try on". Patients report these to be quite uncomfortable for patient's with biomechanical problems, but rather comfortable for patients with malformations of the foot (bunions & plantar warts). The problem was (& still is for those still using this outdated method) that the mechanics of the foot CHANGE upon standing (weight bearing). [NOTE: This method is the BEST for bunions, plantar warts, and foot deformities.]

2. Styrofoam mold- These were made as the patient steps into a box filled with Styrofoam. The Styrofoam makes (& holds) an impression of the patient's actual foot (in weight bearing). These are also "sent out" to be made, they take several weeks to arrive to the doctor's office for the patient to "try on". Patients often find these uncomfortable or tolerable. The problem is that is makes an impression as the foot already is biomechanically... The result is a comfortable orthotics (because it fits the contour of your foot), but it does NOTHING to fix the biomechanical problem(s)!

3. Custom-Fit, Biomechanically Correct- At The Ohio Neck & Back Pain Relief Centers, things are done differently (properly, biomechanically). The orthotic is placed under the patients foot while they are standing, and the foot is placed in the proper biomechanical position, then the orthotic is built up to the patients arch of the foot. These orthotics not only correctly address the biomechanical problems, but they are very comfortable and the in most cases, patient walks out with the orthotics the very same day.

Do not make the mistake of getting the WRONG kind of orthotics like #1 or #2 immediately above, unless you suffer with bunions and plantar warts which are the reason you are considering orthotics.

In Short: Properly constructed, custom-fit orthoticsaddress the mechanics of the FEET, which are the foundation for your entire body! Our custom fit orthotics are not only comfortable, but then help correct many biomechanical problems of the body.


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Natural Medication & Nutrition

In the 21st century, our nutritional intake is at an all time low. Between Fast Food, Junk Food, Processed Food and Preserved Food our bodies are FAR from getting the nutritional support it needs to maintain adequate health. When we add pain &/or injury to the nutritional deficit it's a disaster. Healing is significantly delayed, if healing even occurs at all.

In this fast-paced world we live in, we want result and we want them FAST. Which is why people many turn to prescription medications. They may make us FEEL different (perhaps even better) in a short period of time. The overwhelming concern is the SIGNIFICANT side effects of the internal organs (stomach, intestines, liver, kidneys, pancreas, heart, lungs, brain, etc) when medication is taken for an extended period of time (some sources consider "extended" to be more than a month!).

Natural Medication (& Nutritional Supplementation) offers a much better (& healthier) alternative, primarily due to the fact that Natural products do NOT have the same risks of side effects that prescription (& over the counter) drugs have.

When choosing to take Natural Medications (& Nutritional Supplements) the Key is QUALITY. There are many companies that recognize the shift toward natural cures and make supplements and make huge profits. You may see many of them at local pharmacies and nutritional stores (if not on the TV & radio). The problem with these are that they are NOT Physician Grade, and not monitored for their content. In other words, the quality and potency of your supplements are completely random, and commonly ineffective.

We have a solution. We are proud to be an approved distributor of Standard Process products. They offer the finest quality of Natural Nutritional Supplements available. These are Natural products that can help with anything from your Daily Vitamin, to Cold & Flu relief, to Arthritis, and Accident & Injury tissue repair. You can NOT get physician grade products from the pharmacy or grocery store, but you CAN get them here.

In Short: Natural Medication (& Nutritional Supplements) address nutritional deficits and, in many cases, can significantly aid in your healing process. They are far better for you to utilize in most cases, and Standard Process (Click Here to see website) produces the best products available.


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Support Pillows & Braces

We offer the finest of anatomical supports for any needs. Everything from Custom-Fit Orthotics, to Cervical Pillows, to Lumbar Supports, to Knee Braces, to Carpal Tunnel Wrist Splints is available.

Conditions which may require Supports, Pillows, &/or Braces:

● Plantar Fasciitis / Heel Spurs / Ankle or Foot Pain

● Carpal Tunnel

● Tennis or Golfer's Elbow

● Neck Pain

● Back Pain

● Knee Pain

● ... and more.

You will be examined to see if Supports, Pillows &/or Braces are best for you. If the doctor determines you require the use of any kind, you will be properly fitted for use (if necessary) and you will enjoy the proper support your body needs today!

In Short: Proper Supports, Pillows, &/or Braces are crucial to allow for the proper healing of many conditions. At The Ohio Neck & Back Pain Relief Centers, we take every precaution to make certain you get the highest quality care you deserve, and that includes any Supports, Pillows, &/or Braces to allow for proper physiologically healing of YOUR condition.