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Meet Our Doctors

Meet Our Doctors


Dr Scot Gray, D.C.

He has been featured on NBC, ABC, Lifetime Television, TV22, WMRN, and several radio programs for his expertise in eliminating back pain, neck pain, and headaches.

Gray_GoodBackBadBackHe is the Author of GOOD BACK, BAD BACK: The 10 Things Women Must Know To Eliminate Pain and Look and Feel Younger. The book is a guide to eliminating and preventing back pain through normal daily activities and is available on Amazon.com and Barnes&Noble.com.  He has presented over 500 lectures around Ohio on how to eliminate a myriad of pain syndromes.

Dr Gray also writes blogs on health for Wellsphere.com.  He graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic in 2003 with his Doctorate in Chiropractic and his Bachelor’s Degree in Human Biology.  He started his own practice in Marion in June, 2004.

Dr Scot Gray’s office in Marion, Ohio has been awarded the prestigious “FIVE STAR QUALITY AWARD” for chiropractic offices and has been called a “sanctuary of relief.”  Dr Gray and his staff have been praised by their patients as kind, compassionate, and life-savers as they have helped thousands of patients achieve a pain-free life. (click HERE for patient testimonials)

Dr Gray has focused on delivering the highest quality of back and neck pain relief with the latest technology available including Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression, Cold Laser Therapy, Chiropractic (with his hands and using The Activator for very gentle adjusting, and Physical Therapy exercises.  His main focus is on severe neck and back pain cases such as degenerative discs and herniated discs.

Dr Scot Gray grew up in Upper Arlington, Ohio playing basketball for both Upper Arlington and Worthington Christian.  He played Lacrosse for Hastings Middle School.

Dr Scot lives with his wife in Marion with their 2 black lab dogs, Libby and Sammie.  Dr Gray loves being an active member in his church as a guitar player.  Dr Gray also loves to camp, play guitar, go to concerts, and read about business, health, and marketing.  Dr Gray is President of the Marion Rotary Club for 2013-2014, and is active in Ohio State Chiropractic Association, and Leadership Marion.  Dr Gray is certified in using Activator Methods.


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Dr David Tharp, D.C.


Playing and coaching baseball, church, and playing with the dogs are favorite activities for Dr. David Tharp, D.C., the newest chiropractic physician at the Ohio Neck & Back Pain Relief Centers across from the mall, next to Kroger.

Dr Tharp, a Marion native, moved back to Marion in early May to practice in the area.  After completing undergraduate school in 2008 at Mount Vernon Nazarene University, Dr Tharp began his doctorate at Logan College of Chiropractic in St Louis, Missouri.  Before going to undergraduate school, Dr Tharp graduated from River Valley High School.

“I am overjoyed to be here,” he said. “I get to come to work every day and help people. This is not only a calling for me, but it is also a blessing.”

Dr Tharp has found that a lot of people have an idea of what a chiropractor is, but they do not usually understand what type of symptoms they can help with.
Chiropractic physicians are trained and skilled with a broad spectrum of techniques to handle all ages. His patients have been from newborns to 92 year-olds. He has had many repeat visits from a variety of family members like moms, sisters and brothers. “One reason I like to be a family chiropractor is I see patients of all ages with various problems,” said Dr Tharp. “I’m not limited to just one area. My interests include all ages.”

Even though Dr Tharp works well over 40 hours a week, he is still able to spend time with his wife and 2 dogs, as well as be active in his church. “I’ve been looking forward to starting into practice here in Marion,” he said. “The people here are so warm, friendly and gracious.”  Dr David is married to his wife Deidra Tharp. Dr Tharp and Deidra have been married  for 3 years. They live here in Marion, Ohio. Dr Tharp is certified by the Ohio State Chiropractic Board.

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Eliminating Pain with Superior Chiropractic Care

The Ohio Neck & Back Pain Relief Center is located across the Mall in Marion, Ohio. We serve patients not only in Marion, but as well as folks in surrounding communites such as Waldo, Bucyrus, Delaware, Cardington, Mt Gilead, Kenton, even Columbus.