The Ohio Neck & Back Pain Relief Centers (originally Marion Waldo Chiropractic) were founded by Drs. Scot and Seth Gray in June 2004. Dr. Scot and his brother began with a modest practice, providing services to just 20 patients a week, but their commitment to bringing high-quality, non-invasive solutions to their patients was evident from the beginning. Due to Dr. Scot’s dedication to smart business and trusted chiropractic methods, the practice quickly blossomed into a sanctuary for those seeking relief from neck, back, arm, and leg pain, bringing patients in each week by the hundreds in just a matter of months.

As Dr. Seth and Dr. Scot added more and more services in their office, including Spinal Decompression and Cold Laser Therapy, they changed their name to include a wider variety of treatments. In 2008, Dr. Seth Gray obtained his certification in Neurology and left The Ohio Neck & Back Pain Centers to pursue more specific work in that field. Dr. Scot has continued with the practice he founded with his brother, remaining passionate about becoming the leader in central Ohio in back for neck pain relief.

Dr. Scot M. Gray, D.C.

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