The Power of an Ordinary Life by Harvey Hook…Very Inspiring!

On a recent Friday afternoon I was trying to decide if I was going to sit down and read a book or practice my guitar for Sunday’s service.  So, I decided to sit down with a book and a cup of coffee to read for a little while.  I started reading a new book by Harvey Hook entitled The Power of an Ordinary Life that I ordered off of  I was intending to just check it out for a couple of minutes and see if I liked it and if I wanted to read any further into it.  As I sat there, I noticed as hours went by and I eventually ended up reading from cover to cover all in one sitting!  This is one of the most inspiring books I’ve read about where successful people (Jim Tressel and Chris Spielman were two examples used in the book) come from.  You discover how these figures rise from basically nothing to what you know them as now.  It truly shows the difference that “ordinary people” like you and I can make when we are persistent.

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Dr Scot Is Pulling His Hair Out…

This is about a subject that affects everything else in your life.


There are certain things in your life that if you focus on will increase your fulfillment, your joy, your health and your vitality!  And, there are certain areas of your life that if you DON’T focus on them you get pain.  And so that comes to the base level of what we are going to give you this month and that is how to exponentially increase your ENERGY!


See, when you talk about your life, your health, your vitality, I don’t care what it is you want to improve (emotions, relationships, career, finances, etc) none of that matters if you don’t take care of your BODY.  You know that everything in life revolves around your health.


The problem is that we don’t live in a society where most of us value our bodies that much.  In fact, we probably value our bodies the least.  Of course the media advertises perfect bodies all over the place, but we don’t make our vitality and health an absolute must.


We have a lot more advertising on how to get drunk, or how to get yourself out of pain instantly with a drug, or whatever else you can consume in big gulp sizes!  People are drinking Coke in containers that are bigger than their heads!  What’s going on out there?  Am I taking crazy pills?!


Why is it that we will do things to get money, to get ahead in our career, for our kids, for our spouses, for fun…BUT we never take care of ourselves.  We ignore our bodies!!!  We go out there in give all of our energy to everyone else…and then there is nothing left for YOU.  Sound familiar?  Do you really want to end up the richest person in the graveyard? 


Most people are digging their grave with their TEETH!


They don’t understand that the little decisions on what they put in their bodies have a HUGE effect on how they feel, how high their energy level is, and how much pain they suffer from.


I’m sick and tired of the lies on TV, in the newspaper, on the radio about how to and what to eat.  These so-called nutrition experts are feeding our country a big load of nonsense.  Nutrisystem?  Really?  Since when was lasagna and pizza healthy?  Guess what…It’s not and it never will be!  It is this garbage that is advertised that makes my blood boil.  Am I a little overboard with this…maybe, but I care about helping people become healthy and you are being repeatedly lied to. 


I’m going to show you what you must do to regain the energy that you want to feel every single day.  I’ve scheduled a nutritional consultant to come up to Marion to present a workshop entitled the 7 HABITS OF HEALTHY AND HAPPY PEOPLE.  Come and join us on Tuesday, September 23rd at 6:30 PM at our office across from the mall, and next to Kroger.  You must call the 24 hour free recorded message at 1-800-715-6679 to reserve your seat at this popular workshop. 


Here are the highlights of what we will be covering:


  • Fats.  What are good fats and what are bad fats?  How much fat should you eat?  What are good sources of fat?  Isn’t fat what makes me fat?  (The answer to that by the way is NO!)
  • Grains.  What is a whole grain vs a refined grain?  Where do I find healthy grains?  What affect do grains have on your health?
  • Acid and Alikaline levels of your body.  Did you know that you are filled with Acid in your body that could eat through metal?  Did you know that you can get Osteoporosis (and many other diseases) from not knowing how to control this in your own body?
  • Water.  This one surprises me.  When I ask people what their current water consumption is…it is typically less than stellar. Don’t feel bad though…it is much more common than you think.  Now, I mean pure water with no sugar, flavors, additives, etc inside of it.  Vitamin ‘water’, Crystal Light, Iced Tea, Lemonade, do not count.  So what is your water consumption like?  You can and must change this and I will tell you why.
  • Supplementation.  This is a big topic these days.  What supplement should you take?  Is there really a difference?  Wh
    y does your urine turn bright yellow…are you losing everything you just paid for and took the time to take?  Learn what the truth is about supplementation and how you may be being fooled by marketers out there.
  • Organic vs Non-Organic Food.  You’ve all seen the organic sections growing in your grocery stores.  The question is: “should I pay the extra money to buy this stuff?  It’s so expensive.”  Well, after this workshop you will have the facts about the differences so that is an easier decision to make for you and your family.
  • Inflammation.  Did you know that ginger is a stronger anti-inflammatory agent than aspirin?  Did you know that what you eat can actually cause your arthritis to get WORSE?  Most people do not associate aches and pains to what you eat.  You may be surprised by what we have to say about inflammation, aches, pains, and what you eat.  Don’t miss this if you have any type of chronic pain syndrome.


Remember, if you are frustrated with your energy level, suffering from chronic pain, or just want more out of life, call our 24/7 free recorded message where you can reserve your seat at 1-800-715-6679.

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Can Chiropractic Heal The Blind???

Click on the link below to a video about a controversial result of a Chiropractic adjustment…

Click Here To See Blind Man’s Story

Eliminating Dangerous Toxins in Your Home

The Toxic Chemicals in Your Home They Aren’t Telling You About

Several everyday consumer products are made with toxic chemicals that can’t be found anywhere on the package label.

In a study, 40 household products such as hair coloring, lipstick and paints were tested for toxic chemicals. Out of these 40 products, evidence of the following chemicals was discovered in 34 of the products: glycols, organic solvents and phthalates. These chemicals did not appear on the label of the products.

Although the study didn’t test at what level these chemicals were harmful to people, they did find that these chemicals could contribute to impacting the nervous system, reproductive system and cause other health issues. For this reason, researchers expressed the need to look further into chemical affects and people’s level of exposure to them.

Researchers also stated the most common toxic chemical that people would most likely inhale come from household products. These chemicals included chlorine, toluene, xylene, methyl, ethyl ketone and n-hexane.

Based on the findings from these studies, environmental groups recommended stricter labeling requirements.

A chemical spokesperson stated that these claims weren’t supported by scientific evidence and served merely as scare tactics as a way to get people to not buy the products they depend on for everyday use. Another spokesperson for the cosmetic industry claimed that the amount of toxic chemicals used in cosmetics and other household products was very low and regulated by the Food and Drug Administration.

Cleaning Products Can Harm Your Children

The symptoms of persistent wheezing in young children may be linked to cleaning products they were exposed to while in the womb. Research showed that 10 percent of the children born into families who used cleaning products such as bleach and carpet cleaners were twice as likely to battle wheezing problems than those who were exposed to cleaning products the least.

A study involving almost 14,000 children was conducted to find out if there was a link between prenatal exposure to cleaning supplies and wheezing.

The 10 Most Common Cleaning Disinfectants

Used by Pregnant Women

  • Bleach
  • Carpet Cleaner
  • Dry Cleaning Fluid
  • Aerosols
  • Turpentine/White Spirit
  • Air Fresheners
  • Paint Stripper
  • Paint or Varnish
  • Pesticide/Insecticides
  • Window Cleaner

The children in the study were followed until they reached 3-and-a-half years of age. Results from the study revealed that the babies who were exposed to these chemicals most frequently were more likely to develop persistent wheezing as young children. The relationship between exposure to the cleaning products and wheezing was the same despite environmental factors such as parental smoking, damp housing and family history of asthma.

Although these findings haven’t confirmed that these chemicals have caused an increase in the number of asthma cases, one expert stated there was growing evidence that environmental exposure at an early age might contribute to the development of asthma.

Other experts view this study as a reminder to pay closer attention to the indoor air quality we breathe as it might play a big factor in the health of children’s lungs.

So what should you use to clean your house?

I have discovered that a much safer and inexpensive way to clean your house without risking the effects of harmful toxins is by using a completely natural brand of products. This works exceptionally well for cleaning products of all types for your home and for your body.

I also urge you to consider getting rid of your existing towels, sponges, rags and other conventional tools you use to clean your home with, as 1) they are some of the top sources for illness-causing germs in your home; and 2) they do a very poor job of cleaning the biological and toxic aspects of dirt in your home.

If you have watched the news over the last few years, then you know that there are enough problems with air quality outside of your home — there’s no need to create more problems with the air inside of your home by using cleaning chemicals with harmful toxins. You can’t control the air quality outside of your home, but you can reduce the amount of chemicals you bring into your home and by doing so will create a healthier air quality environment.

By making these simple changes for you, and your family you will notice a profound impact in the way you breathe and you will also be taking the steps within your power to protect your family’s lungs and overall health.

How YOU Can Make That Change:

On Monday, August 11th at 7:00 PM I am bringing two guest speakers up to Marion by the name of Doug Dicke and Linda Gray (my mom J). Doug and Linda are an experts in this field of toxins in the home as well as what you can do to eliminate them out of your home. My mom taught me this information from a very young age…which has kept me VERY healthy!

Seating is limited to 17 (due to the size of our office), so CALL NOW to reserve your seat at this workshop that is critical to your family’s health.

CALL (740)-386-6580 to reserve your seat, or email Dr Scot at

P.S. You get 5 raffle tickets for the Florida Getaway Contest in August when you attend!!!

Jim Tressel’s New Book

Jim Tressel released his “new” book, The Winners Manual: For The Game of Life, in late July. As a die-hard buckeye fan, I would probably want to buy this book just because Coach Tressel is undeniably one of the best coaches we have ever had at OSU. But it is more than that…and let me tell you how I found this out.

What Was Dr Scot Up To?…

You all know that I did not practice for some time, from November of 2007 until June of 2008. You may all wonder, “what in the world was he doing during that time???” Well, besides all of the seminars, health columns, and event planning I was doing in my business here in Marion, I became involved in something that is just as important to me as Chiropractic, and that is building healthy relationships in life.

I had the distinct priveledge of working closely with the late Stephen Judah, Ph.D. during that time. Dr Judah was a man who changed my life, as well as thousands of others. Dr Judah was a leader in our country in creating people of character as well as improving relationships at home, work, and in schools.

Dr Judah’s Massive World-Wide Impact:

I was able to travel with Dr Judah as he delivered lectures on improving relational wellness in businesses, schools, and in all walks of life. I was fortunate enough to be invited to a retreat with Chick-Fil-A’s Marriage CoMission ( in Rome, GA to discuss how to implement these programs in to corporate America. Dr Judah was eagerly pursued by many of the top businesses in the country such as the Zig Ziglar Corporation, Chick-Fil-A, The Dibble Institute (for schools), the Better Business Bureau in central Ohio, and was interviewed by Barbara Walters on The View.

Dr Judah was a firm believer that no matter what you have been through, or what others have done to you…You can be whoever you want to be, you can do whatever you want to do. He believes you can discover your purpose and calling in life, and he created the tools to develop these life skills. His tools are so well respected that Chick-Fil-A is considering using them country-wide for their restaurants to improve employee relationships, the Better Business Bureau has used his tools in the new Center For Character Ethics, and many other businesses have paid Steve large sums of money to create serious change in their businesses.

So What Does This Have To Do With Jim Tressel???

Through all of my work done with Steve, I was fortunate to meet many people. I was able to meet Harvey Hook who started The Gathering in Columbus, Ohio; Kip Morse, the President of the Better Business Bureau in Columbus; Bubba Cathy, Co-owner of Chick-Fil-A; Tom Ziglar, CEO of the Ziglar Corporation, and more that I won’t bore you with. In one of my conversations with Harvey Hook many months ago, he told me about “The Book” that Coach Tressel had written. Harvey went into detail about this book that was introduced to him by Joel Penton, a former OSU football player (graduating class ’06).

The Winners Manual

During a conference that Harvey and Joel were presenting together somewhere up in northern Ohio, Joel showed Harvey a book that appeared “as thick as a phonebook.” Harvey asked Joel about this book and discovered that it was the Winners Manual that Jim Tressel has created over his years of coaching. Coach used this book at Youngstown State before coming to The Ohio State University. (FYI: Y.S. is the team that we will beat on August 30th this year J) The book includes in it how to be successful in all areas of life…including family, spiritual, exercise, career, etc.

It Takes More Than Talent

Coach Tressel has the priveledge at OSU to work with the best athletes in the world at their age group. At one of the conferences that I got to go behind the scenes of with Harvey, Coach Tressel, and John Maxwell; Coach said his biggest challenge is getting the players to realize that it takes more than talent to win!

(A Big Secret: John Maxwell has given the “pep talk” to the OSU football players the last three times we have beat that team from up north…so Coach Tressel gave him a Big 10 championship ring from last year! I say we continue to give him all kinds of gifts as long as he continues his unbeaten record…or maybe send him to a championship game…what do you think?)

Coach says that it is getting the football players to master the parts of life that have nothing to do with talent…such as persistence, dedication, taking care of health, nutrition, rest, and much, much more. This winners manual goes into detail of all of these areas of life and I highly recommend each and every one of you to take a gander at it if you would like to improve the quality of any part your life. (I liked it so much I bought a copy for Kristi and Linda too!)

More About Dr. Steve Judah, Ph.D. (don’t miss this part!)

Sadly Dr Judah lost a battle with esophageal cancer on June 21st, 2008. This was a battle that began in September of 2007. Dr Judah fought hard …but his body was not strong enough to sustain life. Although I am biased by my wonderful relationship with Dr Judah, I believe that we can all learn a lot from him…and you can do so very easily. Dr Judah had an online journal where you can see the inspirational words of a man that was fighting cancer and facing death head on…and how he dealt with it. This is NOT for the light hearted, as these pages of journaling will cause tears, possibly fear, but ultimately I hope that it gives inspiration to each and every one of you. Go ahead and click on the web address below to read Dr Judah’s amazing story:

If you would like to know more about Dr Judah’s powerful tools for successful relationships you can also watch the short videos Steve and I created featuring Zig Ziglar (famous speaker and author), Kip Morse (president of the BBB in central Ohio), and others that talk about Steve and his program called EssentialDisciplines© on Youtube at:

Please feel free to contact Dr Scot at his email: with any questions about Dr Judah and the program he created.

P.S. I hope this will benefit your life and those around you! I do not currently, and have not in the past received any money for my work that I did with Dr Judah, or for Coach Tressel’s book. (just in case you were wondering :))