Are You Being Fooled…?

Are These Diet Companies Playing April Fools On You?

Many diets are ridiculous, ineffective, and even dangerous. has compiled 25 such diets ranging from those that merely don’t work, to those that are somewhat effective but deceptively advertised, to those that can cause you physical harm.  Are these diets below serious or April fools?

You can decide from the following:

1. The Tapeworm Diet: This one involves swallowing cysts that you’ve dissected out of beef carcass. You allow the tapeworm to live in you for up to 10 weeks. One of the most dangerous diets, it requires you to swallow a parasite and encourages unhealthy eating habits.

2. “The Weight Loss Cure They Don’t Want You to Know About”: The “cure” consists of ingesting the urine of pregnant women. Whether or not this is effective, there are simply better ways to lose weight.

3. The Wu-Yi Tea Diet: Wu-Yi tea is simply oolong tea, offering no more benefits than the tea you can pick up at your grocery store.

4. The Subway Diet: Eating at Subway for all of your meals is not inherently healthy; it depends on what you order. Plus, this diet is useless because you can just as easily make your own sandwich and take a walk.

5. The Cabbage Soup Diet: Eating a low-calorie cabbage soup for one week has been purported to help you lose up to 10 pounds. However, there’s the problem of high sodium content, extremely low protein, feelings of weakness and increased flatulence.

6. The Low-Fat Diet: Low-fat products aren’t any healthier than regular products, as they typically trade fat for more sugar, sodium or calories. Meanwhile, serving sizes are often skewed to make unhealthy food seem healthier.

7. Slim Fast: You may lose weight drinking Slim Fast shakes, but the products are not satisfying enough to subsist on long-term. This diet offers nothing more than ineffective substitutions.

8. Russian Air Force Diet: This diet allows you to put all kinds of herbs, sauces and spices on your meals, but the “meals” are incredibly tiny, leaving you hovering near starvation.

For 17 more silly diets, go to


If you have been a student of natural health and pay attention to the latest research, you will instantly recognize the foolishness of the diet options listed above.

Nearly anyone can host a parasite in your gut that will share your food with you to help you lose weight — although I am sure that there are a few of you out there that could actually gain weight doing this as well. But is this something that you want to do for the rest of your life? Of course not (nor would it sustain you from a nutritional perspective).

But the idea of losing weight quickly is an enticing one that coerces otherwise logical people into subsisting on diet shakes, apple cider vinegar, ‘Jared’s’ sub-sandwiches and a host of even crazier diet foods and “tools” like tapeworms and urine from pregnant women.

Let’s be honest, most people need and want to lose weight, so these approaches do have great appeal. In 2007 alone, a report by the International Food Information Council found, up to 70 percent of Americans altered their diets in some shape or form to help them lose weight.

Yet, whether or not these changes made them healthier is another story.

As the survey found, the top priority of Americans is not whether or not the food is healthy. What is? For 88 percent of Americans, taste, and for another 72 percent, price. Only after that does the health factor come in. Yes, the health aspect of the diet choice placed a distant third for most people.

Yet, as I said, the majority of people in this country want to lose weight (it’s always among the top New Year’s Resolutions). But not one of the diets mentioned above, nor the popular Atkins diet or South Beach diet, will help you to shed pounds in a healthy way — and then keep them off.


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One thought on “Are You Being Fooled…?”

  1. Frankly, this has to be the most honest article on weight loss that I have had the privilege to read in recent times. This is definitely a tell it like it is and I couldn’t agree more having been a victim myself. It is true that we can defy all logic when we are desperate to lose weight.

    Over the years, I have tried the “grapefruit diet”, Atkins low carbohydrate, to name only two diets, only to regain more than the pounds of weight loss. In all fairness, Dr. Atkins was the most successful of all the structured diets that I have used. There was tremendous success but after almost 2-years of eating a very low carbohydrate diet, I became tired and missed whole wheat bread sticks and brown rice & peas.

    I fell off the wagon and while I didn’t regain immediately, my gradually sedmentary lifestyle on more carbohydrates than my body needed caught up to me. The result was 46-pounds over my ideal weight for my frame and height.

    From my perspective, I was lucky to be diagnosed with hypertension (BP readings of 160/110) on one doctor’s visit. Lucky because I was given a chance to do something to prevent a stroke as I already have the heredietary markings. A long time friend recommended an ebook that she bought for only ten bucks from click2loseweight. I trusted her recommendation and jumped at the cheap price not thinking that it would work for me.

    I must say that I was pleasantly surprised that not only did I start to lose weight eating normal, ordinary food purchased from my grocery store but when I revisited my doctor; she confirmed that my BP readings had fallen to 130/85. She knew that I was using this natural weight loss ebook and she said that it’s incredible news for me. She even said that she wished that all her patients were like me and her job would be so easy.

    My doctor was surprised at how I jumped to find a natural weight loss solution to my high BP readings so that I would not have to continue taking diuretics on a long-term, indefinite basis. She remarked: “I love stories like this so keep doing what you are doing and know that I am your biggest fan”. Once I explained to my doctor that this natural weight loss ebook was a guide to using food as my weapon to lose weight, she was extremely supportive. However, she told me that she would have to prescribe diuretics in the meantime to deal with my high BP, considering my family history.

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