Finally, Get PERMANENT Relief from Excruciating Sciatica Pain

Everybody knows sciatica. The great playwright William Shakespeare wrote about it. You’ll even find mention in the Bible. Sciatica has been torturing people for thousands of years!

I describe sciatica as a burning, stringing pain. Sometimes it actually numbs your leg, your foot, your thigh. Your sciatica may be tied to back pain; in some cases, it’s not.

Here’s the good news: You can get relief from sciatica pain – REAL relief – with a breakthrough treatment my colleagues and I have given to thousands of patients. It’s called Spinal Decompression.

I’ll tell you more about this therapy in just a moment… but first…

Woman bends over and flinches in pain in her back.


Let’s look at what causes sciatica.

Putting aside the medical mumbo-jumbo, sciatica is caused by a pinching and/or irritation of one of the three lowest lumbar nerve roots that make up the giant sciatic nerve. When these delicate nerve roots are irritated, they can cause lower back pain. They can also ignite the entire sciatic nerve – giving you a great deal of debilitating pain.

Disc problems are very often the cause of sciatica. Over time, small injuries to the discs take their toll – and the disc’s inner core starts to leak out. This ooze – no matter how small — puts pressure on nerves, causing the pain. When the sciatic nerve is involved, you’ve got sciatica.

For severe sciatica flare-ups – or chronic sciatica pain – people try all kinds of therapies. They take painkilling drugs, use heat/ice, massage. Some try steroid injections or acupuncture. With all of these, there is only temporary relief – then there’s that terrible pain, back again. Chiropractic manual manipulation helps some folks.

But for many, many people, Spinal Decompression is the solution.

What exactly is Spinal Decompression Therapy?

It is a very safe alternative to surgery – and when you hear exactly how it works, you’ll see that it might be the right solution for your sciatica pain.

In every session, you will wear a comfortable pelvic harness – one that is designed to let you relax during the therapy. A computer guides the entire process, “instructing” the harness to make the tiniest adjustments in decompression during each session.

Picture yourself in your recliner at home. You lay back, you relax – and you fall asleep, right? That’s what happens with many of our patients. Spinal Decompression sessions are so relaxing, many fall asleep.

During the sessions, you will feel a change in your spine, as it relaxes and “lengthens.” This is the beginning of the natural healing process, as decompression relieves pressure on your discs, allowing for better circulation to the discs – so they can absorb healing fluids.

Many people feel pain relief with the VERY FIRST SESSION. I’m serious. I hear it all the time. Simply taking pressure off those injured discs can make a very dramatic change.

Over time, however, comes the real healing.

Researchers believe that, as circulation to the discs improves, the discs naturally draw fluid, oxygen and other nutrients. These biological components are the body’s repair mechanism — working to heal and rebuild a healthy disc.

A bulging or herniated disc naturally heals, as the disc reabsorbs its core material, and regains its natural shape. This takes pressure off pinched nerves – which relieves pain.

All this is accomplished without drugs, without surgery, without injections. And, thousands and thousands of patients report their successes. It’s truly remarkable the pain relief that is possible through Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression.

This brief video explains exactly how it works. You’ll be impressed (and relieved), I guarantee!
















Do You Have Serious Unrelenting CRUEL Chronic Back Pain?

If you’re suffering from back pain as you read this, please keep reading. You’re in for a pleasant surprise, because I’ve got solid proof that we can end your back pain forever — without drugs, without surgery.

Imagine getting a good night’s sleep without that throbbing pain you know too well. Imagine getting the kiddos off to school… sitting at your computer all day… without that constant pain in your back.

I’m Dr. Scot Gray, a chiropractor based in Marion, Ohio, and I’ve become a leader in providing The Complete Spinal Correction Plan I’m about to show you.

We’ll put you back on the golf course… (or whatever rocks your boat)… and help you actually enjoy your summer.

I want to show you the plan that’s working really well to eliminate back pain, neck pain and sciatica… and changed the lives of tons and tons of people…

You’ll discover how The Complete Spinal Correction Plan can help you… as it’s helped so many patients. Watch this short video to learn more.

Good Back, Bad Back

What causes back pain in the first place? Often, the mundane repetitive tasks we perform day in and day out are the culprit.

Also, stress plays a role: When the kids are going bonkers or your coworkers are driving you crazy, you’re likely to tense up your shoulders, neck and head.

Take note of the position of your shoulders next time you get really agitated; my guess is that they’ll be hunched up toward your ears. This causes alignment issues with the muscles and bones.

In some cases, your pain may be the result of an accident — a sports injury, a slip on the office floor. For some of my patients, there is no obvious cause. Their back pain has developed suddenly, unexplainably.

Very often, a disc is involved – an inter-vertebral disc, as we call it. The disc has hard cartilage rings around the outside and a liquid center, kind of like a jelly donut.

Over time, that cartilage breaks down and the liquid (the jelly) starts to ooze out—potentially hitting your spinal cord and nerves. In these cases—where herniated discs or degenerative disc disease are present.

I believe that The Complete Spinal Correction Plan is the single best treatment available. Watch this brief informative video to learn more.

This plan has changed the lives of thousands of people. Clinical studies show, over and over, that spinal decompression works to end back pain – without surgery.

You can get true pain relief – with this amazingly effective procedure. Take a few minutes, and watch this short video.

Dr. Scot Gray
Chiropractor, The Ohio Neck & Back Pain Relief Centers

Why Are We Giving Away Over $10,000 of Services and Giving YOU A FREE T-shirt?

Dr Scot & His Wife, Jenn 6 1/2 Months Pregnant

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An interesting thing happened lately.

I found out my wife was pregnant.

That’s when several new thoughts started rushing through my head like…

– Will it be a boy or a girl?

– Will I be able to provide for him or her?

– I wish I had saved more for this time!

– Will they act like me (yikes!) or more like my wife (hopefully!)?

– If it’s a girl, how much will a wedding cost by the time she gets married?

– How much will college cost and how will we pay for it?

– Am I working hard enough to provide for my family?

It stunned me that so many questions started bouncing around in my head all at once. If felt like the top of my head might pop off!

I just couldn’t stop thinking about how this would change our lives.

It was excitement, a little fear of the unknown, and a lot of pre-planning for when the baby arrives!

Move forward 9 months…

As I write this blog post, my wife is due with a baby girl in just 2 days. By the time you read this, she will probably be with us already. :-)

This is an amazing and exciting time in our lives and it also brings with it several new challenges and aspects to our life. (as those of you with children know)

One of the things Jenn and I have talked about is saving for college. I know I wouldn’t be where I am today without the education I received. I want to give that same advantage to my children.

But college cost’s so much these days!

The good news is, we live in Marion. That’s right!  And what that means is that there is a ton of money out there that you and I can get our hands on for

college! (Did you know this?)

When you live in Marion, you don’t have to be rich to send your children to college.

I have discovered in the last couple years that there is a lot of money available due to a large sum of money left by George Alber. Mr Alber left over $30 Million to different organizations in Marion…one of which is The Ohio State University of Marion.

During the 2010-2011 academic year, they gave out $536,082 to 345 students!

That’s over $1,500 per student!

And now, thanks to the George Alber Fund, and other private donors, children are able to earn money as they go through elementary, middle, and high school that they can use at OSU Marion to pay for their classes.

Children can earn over $3,000 towards their college education!

This is done through the GoBuck$ program at OSU Marion.

There is a problem that needs solved though…

The George Alber fund takes care of the city schools, but we need to raise money so that all of the county schools can have this available in all grades, and not just a few select grades.

The way that we do this is by raising money through private donors.

Art and Anne Loewe of Marion have pledged over $300,000 to the program, my wife and I give to it and we raise money for the program by giving away services a couple times each year but…


The children of Marion need your help.

You can make a difference with a small donation.

Your children only get this opportunity once and we need to help make it happen for them.

I wanted to find a way to help more than I have in the past and this is it – I can give away free services and gifts to YOU for a small donation to give to this essential program.

So I decided to create a new event. We are holding it at our office on October 7th, from 7:30am to 6:00 pm. You are all welcome to come join us for this event, and get your free adjustments, new patient exams, and our new t-shirts!

All day long we will be donating our services for all of those that want to donate to this great cause.

Get an adjustment.

Get a New Patient Exam and X-rays if necessary.

Feel better.

Get a free t-shirt.

And help the BACKBONE of our community…our children.

It’s very simple to participate.

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Easy as that!

We look forward to seeing you and joining together to make a difference for our community around us!

Talk soon,

Scot Gray, DC

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20 Things You Can Do To Eliminate Back Pain

physical therapy athletic woman“The Ohio Neck & Back Pain Relief Centers Reveals The Shocking Truth About Getting Rid Of Low Back Pain! Get This Special, FREEeCourse to Find Out What Your Friends, Family, Or Even Your Doctor May Not Know About How To Eliminate Low Back Pain Once And For All…Without Drugs Or Surgery!”

Grab this special eCourse to find out about the natural methods to ending your misery that even your own doctor may not know about! Inside this FREE eCourse you’ll discover:

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  • What to do right now if you suffer from ANY back pain! And much more.

WARNING: Low back pain is an often mistreated and potentially dangerous disorder that affects the lives of millions of Americans each year. That’s the bad news. The GOOD NEWS is that you may not have to continue suffering! Take our simple and FREE eCourse to find out the well-hidden truth you won’t find anywhere else!

Click HERE to get your 20 tips on back pain!

Do You Want To Know More About Spinal Decompression?

Important facts to know if you have disc degeneration, herniations, bulges, or sciatica, that you probably aren’t aware of: If you have disc degeneration/herniation/bulges or sciatica, you are not alone. Statistics show that at least 85% of adults have had a significant bout with back pain at some point in their life. Most people who have disc problems have back and/or leg problems. Whether it’s difficulty with work, the embarrassment of how you look when you walk, pain upon any movement or the loss of your ability to do the things you love.

back pain relief marion ohio
Don’t suffer from back pain anymore!

More recently, modern technology has offered us more options for treating severe disc problems, many incorporating spinal decompression therapy. There is chiropractic, physical therapy, spinal decompression, acupuncture, medication, surgery, etc. With so many options available today how does one know where to go, who to trust or what to choose? Here’s the good news- local chiropractors Dr. Scot Gray and Dr David Tharp now offer seminars twice a month. These 60-90 minute seminars include multi-media presentations with educational videos and photos designed to teach all the latest state of the art back and leg pain relief solutions available today.

You will learn about DTS Spinal Decompression Therapy the latest in disc herniation and disc degeneration repair is the latest “space age” technology to FIX your disc problem for a fraction of the cost or risk of spinal surgery. It’s safer, longer lasting, and a quicker solution. Because of our superior record of success, we offer the most successful treatment option available. This program is designed to give our patients the added security of knowing only the finest products and US made machines are used.

Some of the topics covered are: causes of spinal degeneration, the domino effect, why back and neck problems can make you look older, relation of disc degeneration to total disability, how spinal decompression works, why spinal surgery has a lower success rate and much more. A lively Questions and Answer session follows, with Dr Scot or Dr Dave available to answer questions ranging from general back and neck pain topics to your specific concerns. Call 740-386-6580 to schedule your opportunity to come in and meet our doctors, or fill out the form below to RSVP (limited to first 20)


Join Us For A Special Seminar Tuesday, July 29th, 2014 at 6:30 PM.


Sign up now to RSVP for our special seminar ‘Spinal Decompression: For a Back That Last’s a Lifetime’ designed to show you how to get your life and your freedom back from debilitating back pain.


It is coming up quickly, so please RSVP soon. To RSVP, simply enter your information below:

Back Pain Relief in Marion Ohio

Need back pain relief Marion, Ohio?


back pain relief marion ohio
Don’t suffer from back pain anymore!

Have you have tried all kinds of back pain relief products or back pain medications and nothing works? Does it seem like you’re going to have back pain for the rest of your life?

You’re not alone. Many back pain sufferers try all kinds of back pain treatment, or even back pain relief exercises and don’t really get any results. There is a better way out there. Research shows us that lower back pain can be relieved for 99% of people suffering if you do the right thing for it. You don’t have to suffer from chronic back pain, this can be fixed in most cases.

Now, I can’t promise you that we can fix you because we don’t know your condition. But, we’ve found that our office has been more successful than most in helping people with upper back pain relief, lower back pain relief, and even headache relief. Find out now if you can get relief from your symptoms. Feel free to watch the video below and see what is available to you.

If you would like to know more about us or talk to one of our doctors, please click here to contact our office and take advantage of a new patient special.

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Here’s a FREE snippet from my book…

As many of you know, my first book (GOOD BACK, BAD BACK: The 10 Things Women Must Know To Eliminate Back Pain And Look And Feel Younger) was recently published by Advantage Media Group. I wanted to share a quick snippet with you that shares a little bit more about who I am and why I want to help you eliminate your pain. So…here it is:

Dr Scot Gray’s New Book on Back Pain



It seems like just yesterday that I was a punk kid, playing guitar, basketball and lacrosse. However, between shooting hoops and impersonating Kirk Hammett from Metallica, I dreamed of becoming a doctor—the next Doogie Howser, MD. From a very young age, I was driven to grow up ASAP and get into a medical field where I could help cure people’s pain. I had always been taught that medication was the key to health, so I figured I’d become a medical doctor or perhaps a pharmacist (just like a man I admired at our church).

That is, until my life was forever changed by a car wreck in 1997.  I was an undergrad at Columbus State in Columbus, Ohio, and was cruising down the freeway on my way to class one morning. As I approached a curve at 60 miles an hour, I noticed that everyone was stopped in front of me. I slammed on the brakes, coming to a halt just in time. Unfortunately the vehicle behind me did not see the snarl and slammed into the back of my car at 50 miles an hour. My car was destroyed. So was my neck.

This was the first time I had been in a serious accident. As my car was towed from the scene, I didn’t feel much pain. Figured I was fine. But then, two days later, I woke up and was unable to move my neck up, down, left or right. Like a good Midwestern boy, I consulted my mom, who told me that she was going to a chiropractor for treatment for her migraines and that she thought he might be able to help me with my neck pain.

I had heard all sorts of horror stories and really had no clue what a chiropractor did. But reluctant and scared, I took my mom’s advice and made an appointment.  To my amazement, after just one visit and a few adjustments—voila—my neck started to feel better. My range of motion returned and I was officially a chiropractic convert.

From then on I became fixated on becoming a doctor of chiropractic and helping people through natural means, rather than becoming a medical doctor. After securing appropriate loans (and lots of them!) and finding a job to help me pay for the education I’d need, I worked my rear off and, after six years of year-round schooling, I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in human anatomy and a doctorate in chiropractic.

At this point, strapped with debt and eager to open my own practice, I found a doctor who would not only hire me but, after a year, cover the

overhead so I could open my own office. I could pay him back as the business became profitable, he said. In February of 2004, however, deep into my search for office space, the doctor told me he was sorry, but he couldn’t help me open my office at that time. I was devastated. My momentum had been halted, just as it had been that day on the highway. I was now had no income, no practice, and plenty of student loans to pay back.

My brother, Seth Gray, D.C., had gone through school at the same time as I did and was also a chiropractor, so we decided to go into business together. I was single, living in a two-bedroom apartment. My brother was married with two children and two Jack Russell terriers. We were both broke. We all moved in to a two-bedroom apartment to save money as we worked to start a practice.  We went from bank to bank, trying to get a loan. After several months and many, many “no’s,” we received a call from a chiropractor about 45 miles north of us in Marion, Ohio, who was looking to sell his practice. We knew this was our shot and, luckily, were finally able to score a loan with Fahey Bank, a small local financial institution.

At the time we bought it in June of 2004, the practice had been seeing 20 patients a week. Within three months, our business was profitable, we were seeing 300 patients a week, and as I am writing this book I just received a loan note from Fahey Bank declaring that our loan was “paid in full.”

So, here I am, having realized my childhood dream to help people eliminate their pain—without drugs or surgery. It doesn’t get better than that. In order to share this knowledge with people who can’t make it to my office, I decided to write this book. Within these pages is everything you need to know to live pain-free. The steps and suggestions are simple, yet essential. Read on, and enjoy your new life…

Remember, “I’ve Got Your Back”—

Dr. Scot Gray

PS: You can get a Kindle or Hard Copy of my book by clicking here.

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3 Steps To The Best Year Ever in 2013!

Well, it’s that time of year again. The gyms are going to fill up, the diet books are going to fly off of the shelves and people are going to swear that THIS is going to be the year. This will be the year that they finally change…and for good! (Am I right?)

Happy New Year
Happy New Year (Photo credit: James Marvin Phelps)

I’m guessing that by the time you read this, most peoples’ midnight resolutions are broken and forgotten, and things are going back to business as usual on all fronts. I would like to CHALLENGE you to not go back to ‘business as usual’, but to make some real changes this year and make it your BEST YEAR EVER!

The more you know about how and why you make decisions, the easier it is to make aggressive and permanent changes.  There is a ground-breaking book on this subject called: THE POWER OF HABIT. Here is the basis of that book and how you can make permanent changes (new habits):

There are only 3 things you need to know:

  1. What is your CUE?
  2. What is your ROUTINE?
  3. What is your REWARD?

We need to have an example to talk about, so we’ll use the typical “I want to start working out this year.”

1. Start by figuring out your CUE. You need to come up with something to CUE you to want to work out. A good idea is to use a picture of you now, and get out a picture of when you were at your peak level. Give yourself some pain (picture of you now), and a goal (older picture of you) to make you want to do the activity.

2. Create a ROUTINE. Make it automatic that when you see that picture you go and work out. You could look at that picture first thing when you get up which makes you go and work out. You could look at it when you leave work, so that you create a routine of going to the gym after work.

3. Develop the REWARD for what you are doing. When you work out, the feeling you get can often be the REWARD. Our bodies naturally release chemicals in your body that make you feel good and put you in a positive mood when you work out. Some people add a little more to it though, like having a favorite drink after they workout, or maybe they get their coffee after they work out…but they ONLY get the REWARD after they do the action.

This is a simple 3-step formula to create serious change in your life. I challenge you to do this each and every day to get the results you want.

You can use this for working out, changing your eating habits, being more productive at work, starting a business or project that you have been putting off (because of your previous ‘bad’ habits).

If you want to read THE POWER OF HABIT, you can get it at Amazon by clicking here.


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The Scrooge Technique And Back Pain

Back Pain in Marion Ohio? I say “Bah Humbug!” Most people know that the phrase ‘Bah Humbug’ is from Mr. Ebenezer Scrooge. Just the other day I was looking up some information online and came across an interesting fact. On December 19th, 169 years ago Charles Dickens published “A Christmas Carol.” Don’t you love that book?

English: Cartoon of George C. Scott as 'Scroog...
English: Cartoon of George C. Scott as ‘Scrooge’, starring in the 1984 television film ‘A Christmas Carol’. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I found it interesting that there have been 21 movies made of this book!  I was wondering, who is your favorite scrooge?

    1. Alastair Sim (1951 Version)
    2. George C Scott
    3. Patrick Stewart
    4. Michael Caine (The Muppet Christmas Carol)
    5. Bill Murray (Scrooged)
    6. Scrooge McDuck (Mickey’s Christmas Carol)
    7. Jim Carey
    8. Other…

Personally I like the George C Scott version of the movie the best. I get good feelings just thinking about the movie because it takes me back to my childhood and I think about Christmas with my family. Its funny how just thinking about a movie can do that, right?

I have thought a lot about this story as I’ve grown older. It used to be a fun movie to watch, but has started to have much more meaning to me as I learn and grow in life.

This movie is now a gut check for me at the end of every year. As I watch the movie I am reminded of how easy it is to focus on being successful and creating a comfortable life. We get caught up in “The American Dream” and lose sight of what is important.

We see an example of losing sight of what is important as Scrooge goes through his life focused only on growing his business and not paying any attention to the needs around him. A favorite line of mine in the movie is when Jacob Marley is talking to Scrooge and he tells Scrooge (very sternly), “Mankind is our business!” I think that is really the heart of the movie.

But Scrooge didn’t want to change from how he was living. He was comfortable living the way he had been and Marley hadn’t convinced him. It took some unpleasant visitors interrupting him in the middle of the night…and taking him through some painful experiences to get him to change.

These visitors did not just tell him that he needed to change. They took him through experiences that caused him great pain. They linked this pain to the way he was currently living his life. They linked pain to the decisions he was making every day in life.

They made him experience all of the pain in his past, in the present and they made him even experience future pain, including the death of Bob Cratchet’s son, Tiny Tim. They made him experience ultimate pain that would continue unless he changed.

After that night, he would do anything to change! He couldn’t go on living the way he was after experiencing the pain and seeing how it affected others so negatively.

When you link enough pain to a certain type of behavior, you can make some serious changes! Isn’t that true?

As a chiropractor here in Marion, Ohio I see this in my office all the time. I see people put off their pain for months and months until it becomes serious. Once they have the pain, they decide to finally do something about their back pain. Not a good idea.

I’m here to tell you that there is a much easier way. You don’t have to wait until you are in pain. Don’t wait to get as bad as Scrooge. Don’t wait for the pain to come and wake you up in the middle of the night! Do something about it before you have unpleasant visitors come at night!

This is the Scrooge Technique to take care of your back and neck (make sure you apply this!):

  1. First, you have to link pain, just as the ghost’s did with Scrooge, to not doing anything at all. Understand that not taking care of your back can have devastating results down the road. This is not pleasant, but you have to realize that the #1 cause of disability in people over 50 are spinal disorders! If you plan on living past 50 (which I hope you do), you need to take care of your back, before it “goes out.” Think about all of the things that you won’t be able to do if you have a bad back (work, play with kids/grandkids, hobbies, golf, etc…). Once you do this, you will be motivated to make a change!!
  2. You need to close your eyes…seriously, close your eyes (after you read what to do). Take a few deep breaths and think about what is holding you back from taking care of your back and your health. Think about what are the consequences going to be if you neglect the health of your back? Feel the WEIGHT of this on you. By having these beliefs, what are you losing out on in the past, present and future? Feel what that feels like to lose that love of someone close to you, that hobby, that fun. Does this affect your ability to work and make money…is it costing you money from missing work? What kind of role model are you for your kids if you don’t take care of yourself? What goals do you have now that back pain would steal from you? Make yourself feel it like Scrooge experienced it!
  3. If you’re committed to being healthy make sure you make that FEEL THE PAIN of neglecting your spine and health. This should motivate you to change your beliefs about how you take care of yourself.

I try to apply this formula to everything in life where I know I need to make a change…but…just might be a little stubborn and don’t want to change! I have to link more pain to staying the same than changing.

If you want to have a healthy back and be healthy for years to come…make sure you give us a call and take care of your back today!! Don’t put this off. Link enough pain to letting your health go that you make a change today!

(740) 386-6580

Remember, “I’ve Got Your Back!”

Dr Scot Gray

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